Why You Need A Drone

  Have you ever dreamt about having your own drone? Hopefully this article will show you exactly why you SHOULD buy one of our drones!

  The first drone was invented by the army to save the lives of the solders in missions and to help make combat easier. The initial concept was for the drones to be able to carry weapons without humans on board, therefore not putting them in danger but also being able to fight. The first successful ‘drone’ was a hot air balloon which was used in an attack on Paris. Since then a lot of improvements have been made, making drones into what we know today. A lot of new technology has been discovered and now drones are available for anyone interested and for whatever needs you may have. Whether that be a drone which carries a high definition camera or even Virtual Reality cameras!

  Modern drones can carry different cargo to any specific destinations. This makes drones the preferable postman, which will bring all your goods to your own front door while taking away the unnecessary need for small talk! We’ve all seen jokes in movies about drones carrying your online orders or even your very own personalized message to surprise loved ones. Imagine asking your partner to marry you by sending a small drone with a heartfelt video message and ring attached, or depending on situation even a break up message! The possibilities are truly endless when it come to drones!

  Here at Crestastores UK we have come up with a variety of offer for drones, ranging from smaller more affordable drones, to even the most expensive and high tech ones, equipped with the latest technology. We have drones sold directly from Europe and US warehouses making the delivery much faster and without custom taxes. There are many things that become possible to you once you buy your very own drone. Please visit our department for more details!

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