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Any person can snore. People who snore can have any body type. We frequently think of a large man with a thick neck as a snorer. However, a thin woman with a small neck can snore just as loudly.Frequently, people who do not regularly snore will report snoring after a viral illness, after drinking alcohol, or when taking some medications. In general, as people get older and as they gain weight, snoring will worsen.While we are breathing, air flows in and out in a steady stream between our nose or mouth and our lungs. There are relatively few sounds when we are sitting and breathing quietly. When we exercise, the air moves more quickly and produces some sounds as we breathe. This happens because air is moving in and out of the nose and mouth more quickly and this results in more turbulence to the airflow and some vibration of the tissues in the nose and mouth.When we are asleep, the area at the back of the throat sometimes narrows as the muscles relax, and even close off temporarily. The same amount of air passing through this smaller opening more rapidly can cause the tissues surrounding the opening to vibrate, which in turn can cause the sounds of snoring. Different people who snore have different reasons for the narrowing. The narrowing can be in the nose, mouth, or throat. Palatal snoring is often worse when an individual breathes through his or her mouth or has nasal obstruction.

What to do to stop snoring ?

In benefit of your health you can made some behaviour changes like loosing the extra body weight, changing the sleep position, avoiding alcohol, stop smoking and many other. Here at Cresta Stores UKwe open an entire department for your Health and inside  you will find medical devices who will help a lot with your snoring problems . We have products starting from anti-snoring belts to intra nasal devices or silicone tongue holders. All of them can help you to resolve the problem and to made your partner, neighbours and even your pet more happy to enjoy a quiet night. Also if interested inside you can find slimming and medical products who can help.

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