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Sexy Outfits


There is something so empowering about wearing sexy lingerie and outfits. The industry is a huge one. Valued at €42 billion in 2020, women world wide are embracing their bodies and their femininity and recognising the power behind feeling sexy. There is something liberating about carrying the secret of knowing that underneath your boring office attire is an outfit that will make everyone look twice with admiring eyes if they were lucky enough to catch a glimpse. This knowledge can make you feel prouder, more confident – make you walk that bit taller, your head that bit higher. That hidden secret is the feeling of power, of self worth, of acceptance and self love. Whether you are lucky enough to have the body of a Victoria Secret model or not, self acceptance is the first steps to increasing your confidence which in turn becomes visible for all to see, even if they never see that hidden thong.

Red for daring, black for more sober affairs, yellow for summer, just like the colours we choose for our mood or occasion, sexy lingerie can reflect our hidden emotions, wants and desires, giving us an outlet for expression might help us to recognise and pursue those desires. Wearing sexy lingerie is no longer just for the gratification of others, but for our own recognition of our self worth, a bolster for our confidence, and an expression of our feelings.  Women, particularly working in the unformed industries such as police, firefighters, medical staff are often forced to wear unisex clothing, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to feel feminine, your lingerie can help you do that.

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Gone are the days of slipping into something less comfortable solely for the gratification of others. No longer deathly uncomfortable nor expensive, sexy lingerie is now for every woman of every shape and size for every occasion. 

If you’re new to the idea of lingerie there are a few tips to remember to ensure the wearing of lingerie is a comfortable and empowered experience.

  1. choose the right size, particular important when buying a bra. Head to your local department store or lingerie shop, most of which offer a few measuring and fitting service. Alternatively, there are some great online measuring tools you can do simply from home.
  2. Lace can be scratchy under clothing and when worn for longer periods, try cotton lined lace garments for all day comfort.
  3. Satin can feel amazing against your skin, but don’t forget your deodorant as can mark easily.
  4. Not everyone is comfortable in a thong, why not opt for a Brazilian style knicker, the perfect compromise.
  5. Cotton can be sexy, particularly When purchased in colours other than white and tan.
  6. If buying white, do separate your colours when washing – nothing worse than grey/blue/off white underwear
  7. A bodysuit can hide any problem areas and often simpler to size than separates

Like a good hair day, give yourself a good lingerie day!!

Discover your own sexuality, give yourself permission to turn yourself on. Let your hidden secret boost your confidence, and recognise your own self worth. Like a good hair day, give yourself a good lingerie day.

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