1 Online Bag Shop

1 Online Bag Shop

Looking for an online bag shop where you can find the very latest styles and trends?

No woman is complete without her bag. An essential piece of everyday life, a woman’s bag can say a lot about them and store everything needed to get through the day. Housing everything from a purse and phone, to make-up, accessories and those little extras which we all depend on, finding the right bag can sometimes seem like a mission when looking for a new one. If you’re in the market for a new bag and want to choose from a wide selection, we are here to help.

Here at Cresta Stores, we make shopping for a bag simple, easy and affordable. You’ll find that our bags are not only versatile and made from high quality materials but are reasonably priced and provide longevity.

On our website, you can choose from bags such as handbags, backpacks, laptop bags, make-up bags and much more. Whether you’re looking for an everyday bag, crossbody or something for that special night out, we are confident that you can find the right bag with us. To view our full range and latest deals, browse through our website today.

1 Online Bag Shop

For a woman, bags are not mere an accessory, they are a treasure trove of possessions. It defines her mood, her attitude and her personal taste. Most of us don’t leave the house without one; they are like a body extension, helpfully carrying all your personal belongings. Your make-up vanity, umbrella, mobile- whatever you put in your handbag is your own secrets.Hush-hush!!

Whether you are going to work, or on a date, for lunch with friends or popping to the supermarket, a quality bag is a must-have. And from designer and luxury styles to contemporary high street leather handbags, there are a wide range of top quality leather beauties to choose from. Let’s take a look at the reviews for best leather handbags for women.

Top Handle Leather Bag

With this top handle bag, you can hold it on your arm or while adding the shoulder girdle, wear across your shoulders as you go. Actually, these bags with a classy look of leather combines with multi functions and remain a future trend in the fashion world.

Toe Bag

This bag is known for its inner space and spacious roominess interior. Ideal for office goers or business class who need more space to hold various files.


It is an exclusive shoulder bag that keeps you hands-free while accentuating your style and elegance. Besides the delicate design,these bags have high appearance ratio in street snap! Take down the shoulder girdle and turn it into a clutch, a bag with many uses is no more a dream!

1 Online Bag Shop

1 Online Bag Shop


Fashion goes around and around, such as vintage leather handbags.You can find leather backpack becomes the hottest trend of street snap.

No matter whether you are a fashion fanatic, career-driven women, busy home-maker, or a dynamic professional- a leather handbag is often your true companion to carry with you while moving outdoors. You can pick a variety of leather handbag designs from different brands that are always in demand.

Yes, it is important to consider that the handbag you carry will actually give wings to your fashion statement. But to lead a positive impression, it is important to choose the right bag that matches your style and profession. Big brands are offering a range of unique collections of leather handbags.But to make the right purchase decision, you should first check the tips below.

Here we have reviewed the factors to enlighten you before buying a leather purse.


Different manufacturers across the World are keen to producing unique collections of leather handbags. They are easily available in different styles, including clutches, satchels, cross body bags, and totes as well. Choose the most suitable style of leather handbag depending upon your unique personality. Also, pay keen attention to complement the existing collections in your wardrobe. Make sure the handbag you choose is convenient to carry and offers huge efficiency. It must be comfortable on the shoulder and should not interfere in your movements.


Before choosing anything available on the Internet, you should check the exterior and interior carefully to confirm stitching perfection. Experts maintain that quality stitching is responsible for the entire durability and strength of the purse. Hence, it is wise to pick a handbag that has neat and straight stitching.

Straps and Accessories:

In case your leather handbag has additional accessories and straps, like buckles, zippers snaps, they must be examined very carefully. It is important to ensure proper integrity for the accessories as well.


Luckily, big brand leather handbags always come with a warranty; hence, they secure your investment and provide you the peace of mind. While looking for a leather handbag, it is recommended to check guarantees and warranties offered by designer. Again, it is better to find a purse whose repair and replacement is also covered in the warranty. It will help you ensure smooth performance in the long run.

Maintenance and Care:

It is one important point that must be kept in mind. Your genuine leather handbags need some care to maintain their timeless beauty for the long run. What you need to do is condition your bag at least two-three times in a year and make sure you clean it thoroughly using the right cleaners. Avoid cleaning with water and keep it dry as much as possible. The care and maintenance routines are important to ensure long life performance for your bag.

I hope that you are informed from this list to make the right purchase of handbags to meet your goals and preference. If you’re a true fan of leather handbags, don’t miss out our wide collection of leather handbags at https://www.crestastores.co.uk. Thanks for reading!

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