For a Happy Growing Years, Let’s keep them Safe

The silent house suddenly lit up, for Christmas gift came a little early. There are happy noise, noise of someone laughing, people running and busy. The reason. Baby on board, or let’s say baby at house. You decorate your house to welcome the baby, and as day passes you fill up your house with all the essentials that is in accordance to the little ones needs. As a new parent or as friends of new parent you plan of stocking of food, clothes and toys. However, in addition to it you should also know how to keep your little one away from getting hurt. If you have a small baby who has not yet started walking, you might think not to get the safety equipment. It is not always possible for you to keep an eye on your child. However, accidents do happen. Hence, you need to be prepared for the inevitable.

Being Safe Means Being Happy

Keeping your baby happy and safe is what you always feel. You can’t always stop them which also might not be good for their mental and physical development. However, you want to give a happy and carefree childhood life to your baby. Hence the need for child safety equipment. For the child to grow happy mentally and physically, you need to set your child free- walk around freely, play unchaperoned. These can be reduced when the risk of injury is avoided or reduced through safety equipment. When you secure your home with proper devices you let your child grow unhindered and without fear. Hence it is essential that you get the home secured.

Get your House Safely Equipped

As soon as you bring your little one home, it is time to secure your abode with child safety equipment. Since, home is the most common place that your child gets hurt. You can reduce the risk of the injury of your child by reducing the risk of injury at home by removing possible hazard or by equipping your house with essential child safety equipment. The best ways to ensure that your house is kid-friendly is by making some changes in and around the house. Look around your home and try to find out the obvious risks and hazards. Remove whatever risks and hazards and then add the safety equipment to protect your child.

For example for sharp edge corners, scroll through the various equipment to understand how you can cover up the edges.

Choose Wisely

Don’t get paranoid to protect your child from possible harm. You just need to inspect your home, or maybe come down to the level of your child to find out the things that he/she can reach out and harm himself/herself. Be selective and choose wisely the products that are going to keep your child away from possible harm during their growing years. Not everything you need to buy at one time, purchase according to their growing years. Choose wisely from range of safety products:

That is in accordance to the particular situation and growing years.

That are affordable.

Read the specification carefully before indulging.

Do not buy all the products at the same time.

Doors and Gas Burners

Since they watching you doing these everyway, little babies gets influenced and that is when all the accidents happened. Because we all know what children imitate their parents and others around them. Using a kind of barrier to keep the child from hurting themselves. Put up barriers in the stairs so that your child does not fall off. Next is securing your kitchen, the gas stoves. Remember injuries happening near gas stoves are very common and could be very serious. Hence, find out from essential child safety equipment and ensure that your child is safe.

Locks and Safety Catches

Attach various types of latches, locks and catches in the cupboard where you keep the useful as well as harmful products. It is weird but the truth is that children can mimic us well. Hence, you need to take extra care and precaution to keep your cardboards and drawers closed especially where you have stored toxic materials, medicines, chemicals. These things should be kept in closed knit area and should be secured with safety equipment so that your child is unable to reach out or open it.

Keeping Away the Button Batteries

Almost most of our technology and equipment runs on button batteries. To keep them away from children, since they can cause life-threatening injuries, you need to

Identifying the button batteries and securing the battery compartments.

Keep them out of the reach of your child.

Dispose them carefully.

Essential Child Safety Equipment to Keep your Little One Safe

First and foremost do not leave your child unattended.

Use furniture straps to hold things that your child might be able to break- such as TVs, dressers, and other heavy furniture.

Put corner or edge bumpers on the sharp side of your furniture so that your child does not hurt themselves while walking or crawling around.

While securing the every corners of your house do not forget about the bathroom. The most ignored part is the toilet. Keep the lid closed at all times, when not in use. Children are known to drink water from the toilet.

Keep the chords secured in the wall so that if your little one tried to pull one of the chord it does not falls off.

Make sure that the crib is properly secured, and check that your baby does not slid their head within the rails. Keeps only soft things at the sleeping space, things that are not harmful or choke your little one.

Never take medicines in front of your child and always keep it away from the reach of your child. A medicine is a medicine and not a candy, never term a medicine as candy. Throw the medicines only in trash cans and not flush down the toilet.

Cover up all outlets of any exposed electrical sockets.

With all the child safety equipment in place you can protect your little one getting hurt. Most of these equipments have been curated keeping mind the safety of your child. All of them are essential and are quite affordable. Happy shopping and keep your child safe.

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[…] With all the child safety equipment in place you can protect your little one getting hurt. Most of these equipments have been curated keeping mind the safety of your child. All of them are essential and are quite affordable. Happy shopping and keep your child safe.  […]

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