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Electric Breast Enlargement Machine

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Electric Breast Enlargement Machine Beauty Breasts Anti-Sagging Increase Mellow Chest Massager Liposuction Feminine Products

Product parameters:
Functional voltage: AC 100-240
Output voltage: 6V
Function current: 200mA 50-60Hz
Packing size: 21.5 cm * 11 cm * 22 cm
Product weight: 600g
Working method: negative pressure liposuction

[Adaptation object]
1. Breast dysplasia and flat breasts;
2. The breasts are loose, sagging, and enlarged due to breastfeeding or intense exercise;
3. Injecting a breast milk withdrawal needle, causing breast atrophy or nipple depression, and breast deformity;
4. Sickness, dietary deviation, etc. cause rapid breast shrinkage and aging;
5. Inappropriate bra squeezing causes breast deformation, exaggeration, etc.

[Applicable age group]
1.Girls aged 12-18 (breast development period) help breasts get fully developed;
2.Adults aged 19-28 (breast slow period) adjust breast growth function to strengthen breast redevelopment;
3.29-38-year-old middle-aged (breast stagnation period) activates breast cell tissue, so that breasts are super young, vigorous, plump and firm;
4.Menopause over 39 years old (breast decline period)

[Precautions for use]
1. Anyone with chest problems can do it.
2. Use the breast augmentation device for more than 20-30 minutes a day for one breast time. . Insist on using for more than 20 days can be finalized! Fat memory is generally about 20 days, and generally does not rebound after molding.
3. People with serious breast problems (PS: congenital malformation, atrophy) can increase the number of times or time appropriately.
4. [Special reminder] It is recommended that the user wear a soft ruler and measure after using it every day to ensure accurate and clear understanding of breast enhancement progress

[Usage method] See you with instructions!
1. At the beginning of turning on the power, put the size adjustment button in the small position, and then align the suction cup with the breast (to ensure no air leakage) for suction and release movement.
2. You can adjust the suction power button to a large gear to increase the suction power, and then adjust it back to a small gear. Use each breast for more than 30 minutes.
3. Please fully charge it (6-8 hours) before using it. Each charging time does not exceed 8 hours, you can plug in the charger and work while charging. It can be used for about 1 hour to 1 hour and a half after charging for about 8 hours (depending on the intensity of the gear used). If the power is cut off every time, please be sure to fully charge the instrument for 6-8 hours. [Electrical specifications] Charging time: 8 hours, voltage: 220V, 50Hz, charger: Dc3v, 800mA 2,

【common problem】
The cup in the received cup has a silicone ring, is there a large cup?

Yes, this is how the manufacturer designed and produced it. This product is a standard configuration with two medium and large cups. When the big cup is used, there is no need to use the silicone ring. If you want to use it on the big cup, you can put the silicone ring in hot water and heat it into it.

Before getting the main unit for second use, it should be fully charged for 8 hours, and then use it while charging. It is expected that it should be fully charged for 6-8 hours before each use. Remember not to completely use up the power, so that the main unit is easily damaged. Be sure to use it according to our guidelines.

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